Quieten your Mind and say Goodbye to your Excuses

in just 5 days with the

Strong Core: Clear Mind Challenge


Now, you might be thinking 

😫 'But I don't have enough time to exercise'

😫 'I am too tired to even think about my fitness'

😫 'I have to get everything else done first before I can do anything for me'


If this sounds familiar then you are going to love my

'Strong Core : Clear Mind Challenge' because by the end of it

👍 Exercise will feel easy and enjoyable

👍 You will feel energised and motivated

👍 You'll have time for YOU.

👍 Your mind will be clear and guilt free.




Just Imagine:


✅ Feeling stronger and having more energy

✅ Having time for yourself to enjoy exercising 

✅ Living your life to the full 

...without the guilt and stress of having to find the time to get to a fitness class 

It would feel good right?


Go from too busy and tired to exercise...

 to being a strong and calm woman in just 5 days.


This challenge is for you if you

🙋‍♀️ Are a busy woman juggling life, family and career, struggling to find time for your health and fitness

🙋‍♀️ Like to do everything for everyone else before allowing yourself time to exercise

🙋‍♀️ Feel guilty when you don't exercise and guilty when you do

🙋‍♀️ Feel overwhelmed, with exercise as another chore on your To Do list

🙋‍♀️ Make excuses to avoid doing exercise

🙋‍♀️ Struggle to commit to exercise for more than a few days/weeks/months at a time

It is also for you if you want

💪 To feel stronger 

💪 To feel good about investing time in yourself

💪  An approach to your fitness that works for you, easily fitting into your schedule

Join me for the Strong Core: Clear Mind Challenge


Join Us For The

Strong Core : Clear Mind Challenge


Monday 12th September 2022

Hosted by Gila Archer Pilates

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.


What is the Strong Core : Clear Mind Challenge?

Ready to get toned, and take the stress out of exercising when you're already juggling life, family and career?

Gila will guide you through a 5-day challenge that will leave you with a strong core and peace of mind!

Each day you'll receive a Bitesize Pilates workout targeting different core muscles and a live session helping you implement simple strategies to avoid overwhelm, frustration and guilt over your exercise. (All live sessions will be available on replay).


Day 1:

Pilates:  Strengthen lower abdominals

Mindset: Let go of being Superwoman

Day 2:

Pilates: Strengthen upper abdominals

Mindset: Healthy Habits = a quiet mind

Day 3: 

Pilates: Tone and sculpt your waist

Mindset: No more overwhelm

Day 4: 

Pilates: Strengthen your back

Mindset: Stop rushing...give your mind space.

Day 5: 

Pilates: Strengthen your pelvic floor

Mindset: Take a moment to breathe

By the end you will feel stronger and ready to face anything!


Don't take my word it...


Joanne Manville

I discovered Gila through LinkedIn and joined her 5 day Strong Core: Clear Mind Challenge.

It was great timing as I badly needed the motivation to get fitter, especially as I am very sedentary in my day to day life. 

Gila is a breathe of fresh air and made such a change to my mindset in those 5 days that I signed up for her annual CORE programme. 

Gila makes doing regular exercise easy, with bitesize workouts that are so easy to fit in, there's no excuses anymore!

Her personal 1:1 support and accountability makes her programme so much more than your traditional online fitness programmes. 

Thank you 


Karen Morley

I am really enjoying this Strong Core challenge of Pilates this week.

It's definitely shaking me into a positive mood and approach to doing some Pilates every day.


I like the idea of little and often.

It's certainly more reachable...Instead of using the excuse that I can't make the time to fit it in. 

It's certainly more doable.

Some of the exercises are definitely challenging but that's a good thing. 

You are an excellent instructor Gila, and explain things very well.

Thank you for this opportunity. 

Lara Ross

I’m definitely going to continue with it & create my new habit for me. 

I deserve it & I’m valuable. 

It’s my new ‘me’ time & I’m not feeling guilty about doing it .

Thank you for your Strong Core: Clear Mind Challenge Gila.

Karen Rance

Feeling really positive and pleased with myself that I'm managing to consistently set aside this time each morning for my Pilates.

I had a work call that came half way through my workout that I declined (because the mini Gila on my shoulder told me to!) and called them back when I'd finished.


Who is Gila Archer?

Gila is a mum of 3 children and an entrepreneur, who runs her own hybrid Pilates business helping busy women, whose fitness feels like another chore on their never ending to do list, to live a physically active and fulfilled life.

For years, the lack of any exercise left her feeling guilty, frustrated, tired and overwhelmed. Through her own personal growth, she now teaches Bitesize Pilates and shares her ‘Triangle of Strength’ approach to fitness, so other busy women can build strength, improve flexibility and feel good about themselves in an enjoyable and achievable way.

She loves moving and being upside down continuing with her childhood activities; dancing, gymnastics, aerial silks, ballet, trampolining and walking. Gila has taught Pilates since 2003 and is now a Level 4 Pilates Teacher.

Pilates enables her to continue moving easily, living a fulfilled and active, healthy life.