You know that doing exercise is good for you, right?

But did you know that we (human beings) have not evolved to exercise? Our instinct is to conserve energy and that's why you are not alone in seeing the sofa and crashing on it with a glass of wine or the tin of biscuits as more appealing than getting hot and sweaty exercising. 

But, there’s one problem with that, and that is although we desire to conserve energy we were also born to move. Our bodies our healthier when we move, consistently and regularly. Take a moment to just think about how much you have moved today, yesterday....

We live in an increasingly sedentary society and this results in our bodies not having the opportunities to move that it needs to stay strong, mobile and function efficiently. 

Well, what’s the answer?


Life is for living right? And you want to be fit and strong but you don’t want to spend hours every day doing exercise, there’s more to life?

What if I told you that there is an easy, achievable approach to your fitness that will not feel like another chore and still leave you with enough time to enjoy an active and fulfilled life?

An approach that is sustainable, enjoyable and gets you results.


Sounds good?

Research shows that it is actually just as beneficial, short and long term, to do regular short exercise sessions as it is to do fewer longer sessions. 

Regular daily exercise offers lower risk of musculoskeletal injury, helps relieve back ache, reduces the risk of diabetes and weight gain and increases energy and mood levels.

Let me introduce you to


Finally! A proven way for busy women to actually build strength, improve flexibility and stay active without spending hours of your precious time at the gym or out at a class.

Do you struggle to find time to exercise?

Do you start with good intentions and then life happens and disrupts your routine?

Are you looking for a fitness routine that doesn’t take too long but still delivers the results you are after?

Do you find you put everyone else first and then run out of time and energy to even think about exercise, let alone do any?


Well it’s time for you to remind yourself that

You are Important too!

Make Bitesize Pilates part of your Lifestyle.

Bitesize Pilates provides short, progressive and effective workouts that are easily tailored to your own ability.


The workouts are fun, easy to follow and varied to keep you engaged, motivated and challenged so you can improve your core strength, mobility, flexibility, posture and balance. You can take some time out for you, feel calmer and more in control.

Feel more positive and confident in your own body and mind.  

How you can do Bitesize Pilates with me...

Self Paced Programmes

Live instruction, coaching, support and community  

DIY Workout from Home

Stay Happy    Stay Healthy

Look after your physical and mental health with unlimited access to this Bitesize Pilates Bundle of 12 different workouts.

You know your body and mind always feels better from doing some exercise.

So make life easy for yourself and enjoy working out from home by adding these to your exercise routine. 

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Bitesize Pilates for Busy Women

6 week programme

Get your TIME and your FITNESS back

Self paced 6 week progressive programme with support from Gila. 

Ideal for beginners or those new to Pilates and for busy women who want to establish a new habit of regular, daily exercise.

It's all done for you.

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Online Pilates Membership

for Busy Women

This is NOT just an online library of Pilates workouts...but a balanced mix of teaching, coaching, support, encouragement and accountability from Gila, with a like minded community of busy women.

Through CORE Gila offers you an approach to your exercise that is enjoyable, flexible and achievable, focusing on the growth of your body and your mind. 

CORE makes it easy for you to build strength, improve flexibility and feel good about yourself NOW and for your future self.

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Immerse: 1 to 1 Bespoke Instruction

For women 100% committed to moving easily with strength and confidence, taking control of their health and fitness and after a personalised approach. 

Immerse yourself in Pilates with Gila;  individual weekly teaching, bespoke exercise progression and programme and support and accountability over 3, 6 or 12 months, so that you can easily, efficiently and effectively achieve your fitness goals. 

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Bitesize Pilates is Perfect for you!

Strengthen, stretch and tone in less than 30 minutes a day. Feel strong, confident, empowered and back in control of your mind and body.

Do you:

  • Dream of a flatter tummy?
  • Want to be able to pick up your children without your back aching?
  • Want to clear your mind?
  • Want to enjoy keeping fit?
  • Want to boost your energy levels?
  • Want to feel more confident? 
  • Want to be able to have a Pilates routine that you can do consistently, anytime, anywhere, but still have the guidance from a qualified, experienced instructor?

Would you love a little time each day where you can focus on you; strengthen your body, quiet your mind and just breathe?

Learn More About Gila

You’re busy, no time to exercise or get to a Pilates class but you know how much better you feel when you get moving!

Discover 33 Quick and Easy Ways to Integrate Pilates Movement into Your Everyday Life in my bitesize guide for busy women. This will compliment any other Pilates sessions and classes you do.  It’s mindful movement NOT exercise.

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33 Quick and Easy Ways to Integrate Pilates Movement into Your Everyday Life

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Here are 2 of the most popular sessions. 

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Do you suffer from Exercise Guilt and what can you do about it?

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Would you like to Enjoy Moving and Feel Fabulous?

This book sets the context of why movement matters in our daily lives, now more than ever and why as busy women exercise is often just another chore to try and fit into our modern way of living.

Gila offers a new perspective on how we can enjoy moving our bodies, to gain the physical and mental benefits of movement, in a way that is easy, flexible and sustainable. You don’t have to just accept that being a busy woman, juggling work and family life means you don’t have time to look after yourself.  

This book is for you if you:

  • Are a busy woman
  • Want to build strength, improve your flexibility and feel good about yourself
  • Are ready to take action
  • Want to look forward to moving your body

Have you considered that you can be both a busy woman and have plenty of time to look after your health and fitness too?

It is possible.

Find out how in Gila's New Book: 

Grab your own copy here!

As Featured in

 'SHEcorporated' Magazine.

Read Gila's article 'Get Fit Simply' ... helping busy women in business to remove 'exercise' from their 'To Do' list and instead indulge in Pilates movements in their everyday life, so they enjoy moving and feel fabulous!

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You should consult with a general practitioner before beginning any exercises, fitness or nutrition regime especially if you are pregnant, given birth within the last 6 weeks or have a pre-existing health condition. Your use of the videos inside any Bitesize Pilates Products and CORE Pilates Membership and performance of these exercises are solely at your own risk.
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