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Imagine leading a physically active and fulfilling life with true strength, confidence and calm...

What becomes possible when you have enough time and energy to do Pilates every day. You build strength, become more flexible and stand taller. You feel more confident, in control of your fitness and your mind feels clear and calm. You sleep better, make healthy choices and all without having to overhaul your life.

No need for childcare 

No need to travel and find a parking space

No need to spend hours in the gym

No need for expensive equipment

No need to push through the pain and get hot and sweaty

No need to miss a class due to work

It is simple and achievable with CORE's unique approach and you are going to love doing Bitesize Pilates from the comfort of your own home!

Pilates is a scientifically proven exercise system for over 75 years and is often prescribed by doctors, osteopaths and chiropractors to help relieve back and neck pain. However, there is more to Pilates than preventing back ache. Established in 1945, Joseph Pilates understood it the importance of improving the body, mind and spirit. You need all 3 elements to become your best self. 

Hear how CORE has helped Lara Ross: Ballet Teacher and Busy Mum of three! 

'My biggest transformation since joining CORE is appreciating that my health and fitness matters just as much as everybody else's. It's very easy to put everyone else first but I feel

CORE has given me the permission to do something for me.

I'd recommend CORE to any busy woman, because you'll soon realise that you can actually do it and more importantly that you should. '


And how CORE has helped Lien Gyles, Founder Member, to continue Pilates at home:

'Now, with the online Bitesize sessions I find it really easy to fit them into my daily routine and I manage to do at least 5 sessions a week. I can really tell the difference that is making to my flexibility, strength and general well being. 

Being part of CORE has given me the nudge I needed to keep going.

I would recommend anyone, who needs a bit of a nudge, to join CORE and see what difference it can make for them. '

Take a look at the transformations of

CORE Members 

"I can already see huge improvements in my flexibility, have less aches and pains and more energy." 


"I started Pilates because I was having a lot of problems with my neck and shoulder but I often found it really hard to motivate myself to travel to a class after a long day at work.

The Core membership is exactly what I needed. 

Bitesize daily workouts that I can do from home and at a time to suit me. They have totally transformed my approach to exercise, instead of viewing it as another job that I feel I ought to be doing, I actually look forward to each workout.

Gila is an excellent teacher, really friendly and she takes the time to explain the moves clearly which makes the workouts easy to follow."

Julie Crookes - Office Worker

"As a previous gym bunny, I now have the best 6-pack I’ve ever had and feel really comfortable in my body. I really can’t recommend it highly enough!"


"I’ve always enjoyed Pilates but found classes too expensive/hard to get to and using books and dvds is too hard to keep motivated.

Gila’s programme is the perfect solution. 

The workouts are short enough to fit in but long enough to really feel you’ve worked. I find the programmes for each month really motivating. Having new routines and programmes each month allows you to see where you’re making progress but changes often enough to keep things fresh.

Gila’s enthusiasm and obvious love for what she does is infectious, and her speedy replies and live classes really keep you going in the right direction. Even when I’m tired I never regret squeezing in a workout as I always feel better. 

"I love Gila’s Core programme!

Amanda Jackson

"I can fit it in alongside looking after my 8 month old baby so it is ideal."

"An excellent decision to sign up to CORE! The content is fab and you're in safe hands with Gila! I can really see and feel the difference with building Pilates into my daily and weekly routine. Hope you all enjoy the workouts."

Amy Keetley-Beresford - New Mum

"I now prioritise and make time for me."

"Before I started Bite Size Pilates for Busy mums and this programme, I felt I never got time for myself, what with work and looking after the family. I always put everyone first. But I realised I’m not getting any younger and I needed to invest in my health and well being to benefit my future self.

Since doing Bitesize Pilates, I’ve had no backache. I feel relaxed, energised and I have a sense of calm post Pilates after having a busy day a work."

Lorraine Hopkinson - NHS


"I've noticed a huge difference in my mobility, flexibility and strength in just a few months and seeing that progress is really encouraging."

"I had no prior experience of Pilates, but am now hooked thanks to Gila and her bitesize workouts. They're so well structured and easily fit into the most busy of days."

Karen Morely - new to Pilates and now can't get enough!

"I can really feel the difference from doing Pilates and can always find the time to fit it into my daily routine."

"Great decision to sign up to CORE!  
I have been a member since August 2020 and totally enjoy the content and support from Gila and the membership. The variety of workouts are excellent 
Happy Pilates 😊"

Janet Crooks

If you'd prefer to chat with me to ask any questions and find out more about how I can help you please email me: ([email protected]) and we will arrange a telephone call.